Information Literacy - Gender Stereotypes
Overview: This Google Form created as a YouTube digital lesson focuses on the topic of early gender stereotypes introductions for young people through media and information literacy. Students will view multiple videos where these stereotypes are discussed, highlighted for the topic of conversation in order to reflect on their own perceptions and attitudes toward these limiting stereotypes.

Essential Question: How do we learn about stereotypical gender roles for boys and girls from the media that surrounds us?

Recommended Content Area(s): Grades 3-5 ELA and Technology/Digital Citizenship

Learner Description and Context: This lesson is designed to be used in upper elementary ELA classroom. Students could complete the assignment in class, independently through a flipped setting at home, and should be followed up with direct whole class discussion or Socratic seminar.

Instructional Objectives:
-I can analyze videos and thoughtfully answer critical questions about gender stereotypes in media.
-Students will be able to evaluate online media and the messages they send about gender stereotypes.
-Students will be able to reflect on their feelings and attitudes toward gender stereotypes in media outlets and why stereotypes are limiting.

Content Warning (Optional): The #HatchKids videos are made for both adults and students and may be appropriate for parents to speak about the content with their child.

Instructions for Students: Please complete the following Google Form in order. Proceed through the questions and videos. Respond with complete thoughts and sentences. Use your headphones and try to problem solve technology issues first before utilizing a buddy or raising your hand for teacher help. When you are finished checking over your work click "submit" to turn your answers in to your teacher.

Credit: Adapted from Common Sense Media - Selling Stereotypes

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Before proceeding to the first video, close your eyes and imagine you are watching a dance recital. Describe the scene. Colors, outfits, people etc?
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How did you learn that is what a dance recital looks like?
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