Register for the 10 Year Anniversary Cutting & Combat Event!
This might just be the biggest Ironwood C&C we've ever had, so we appreciate you helping us stay organized by taking a minute to fill out this form!

Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you participate in any HEMA-related activities or not.

For those interested in our tournament, please check the rules below before confirming your participation.

If you have any questions, or need to update your information, send us an email at


As we expect a larger amount of fighters, we are doing a straightforward elimination tournament. ☠️ Once you're out, you're free to go enjoy the other activities of the day!

Ironwood is providing this year's "Dragon's Hoard" of prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 🏆 We will also award a prize for "Most Chivalrous/First Amongst Equals" for a fighter that demonstrates exceptional valor.

Brackets will be determined on the day. We will have 2 rings going simultaneously to keep things moving. We ask you to stay geared and on deck until you are eliminated. We are providing score/timekeepers and head judges, but welcome any volunteer line judges.

The below rules are meant to cover the structure of the tournament, and not meant to be a comprehensive guide to good sportsmanship. Above all else, treat your fellow competitors with respect, and prioritize everyone's safety. This is a casual event for fun and to learn from each other, not to win at all costs.

⚔️ Weapons:

Fighters must use a sparring-safe steel longsword or feder. It may be joined by a nylon dagger on the belt.

📈 Point system:

Each match will go until one fighter has accrued 11 points, or until 2 minutes has elapsed. If the score is tied at the 2 minute mark, it becomes sudden death.

➡️ 3 points for head thrust, sliced, or hit with sword blade or pommel, or dagger.
➡️ 2 points for body thrust, sliced, or hit with sword blade, or dagger.
➡️ 1 point for limbs thrust, sliced, or hit with sword blade.
➡️ 4 points for disarm while maintaining control of your own weapon, even if the final blow is to the limbs.
➡️ 1 point if your opponent steps both feet out of the ring, even if not struck.

⛔️ Forbidden moves:

➡️ Groin shots
➡️ Back of head or spinal hits delivered without control
➡️ Quillion/crossguard strikes
➡️ Anything after a halt/hold is called
➡️ One-handed strikes to the head

🤜 Unarmed:

➡️ We allow grappling and wrestling, but no throws or joint locks.
➡️ Expect that wrestling which is prolonged more than 5-10 seconds without a clear victor will be called to a halt.

⚖️ Doubles and afterblows:

When a blow is landed, the head judge will call "Halt!". Any counterblow delivered before "Halt!" will be considered a double. Any blow afterwards will be considered an afterblow, and will not count. Ultimately, it will be up to the head judge's discretion.

Doubles are subtractive, meaning that the points from the lower value hit will be subtracted from the higher value hit, e.g. fighter A strikes B's head (3 points) while fighter B strikes A's arm (1 point). A receives 2 points, B receives none. Doubles of equal value targets are discarded.

😡 Warning/Card system:

The head judge can determine when it's appropriate to issue a warning for any reason. These can include, but are not limited to: false starts, striking after a hold is called, taunting, lack of control, arguing with a judge's call, etc. Two warnings for the same issue will result in the fighter forfeiting the match.

🤕 Safety rules:

Anyone, even the audience, can call a halt at anytime to address safety concerns such as equipment malfunctions.

Fighters are expected to have sufficient gear in good condition. The head judge will determine if this is the case. We expect gambesons, gorgets, mask, back of head protection, groin protection, chest protection, and rigid protection for shins, knees, elbows, and hands.
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