Petition for an Exception to the SJSU Early Start Requirement
This petition is for students who will be attending San Jose State University during the academic year. If you will be attending another California State University campus during the academic year but have chosen SJSU as your service campus, contact your fall campus about applying for an exception to the Early Start requirement.
Please complete all sections below and click 'SUBMIT' to send in your request. This petition MUST be submitted online using this form. If you have questions or concerns, please email

In accordance with Early Start guidelines, we generally approve exceptions for the following reasons: Administrative Error; Military (Orders from CO); Death of Immediate Family Member; Divorce; Natural Disasters; Personal Health or Serious Family Illness. In general, exception requests are approved only when it can be shown that program participation would be impossible or would involve unreasonable hardship.

In all cases a personal statement is required. If your request appears to be approvable, you will be asked to provide documentation (on letterhead) or other evidence to support your case.

Family vacations and summer work schedules are NOT considered valid reasons for requesting an exception. If your work schedule makes it impractical for you to attend live classes, you are advised to look into online options. Many CSU campuses, including SJSU, offer online Early Start courses.

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