CourtNav Services
We will use these details to create a CourtNav account so you can help clients complete an online FL401 application, which will be reviewed by a legal adviser.

These details are also used to notify you when a client / service user's CourtNav case is collected by a legal adviser for review.

If you work with women and are part of the FLOWS network, these details are used to show your location(s) on the service map on the FLOWS website, but you can opt out of this if a location is confidential e.g. if it is a refuge.
Organisation name *
Organisation address *
Please enter the entire address, including postcode. If you operate across multiple locations but with one single point of contact (same name, email and phone number), then please list the address and postcode for each location here. If you operate in multiple locations and they have different contact details, please fill in & submit this form separately for each location. Press enter to start a new line here.
Should we show this location on the FLOWS local services map? *
Answer 'Yes' unless you need your location to be confidentail, e.g. if it's a refuge.
Public email address
Displayed on the services map on the FLOWS website
Public phone number
Displayed on the services map on the FLOWS website
Website address
Displayed on the services map and will link to your website
What type of organisation are you? *
What services do you offer? *
Primary user full name *
We will send this person an invite to join CourtNav as a Super Adviser. This means they can edit your organisation details in CourtNav, they can also invite all your other users - both Super Advisers, and regular Advisers. (A regular Adviser doesn't have any admin rights - they can invite clients and can help clients to complete their cases).
Primary user email address *
Used to invite the primary user. Also receives an email when a service user / client submits their case.
Organisation email address
Also receives an email when a service user / client submits their case. This is usually a team mailbox but can be the same as your primary user.
Opt in to our mailing list?
We will send you very occasional updates about the CourtNav tool and about the FLOWS project if appropriate
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