Queerfit 92 2016 Application
QF92 is a mission oriented, group-based training program designed for trans* and LGBQ people of color and our allies, to support one another as we fight for love and liberation.

- QF92 has a mission. It is to become substantially stronger and more mobile, in body and soul, individually and as a group. To the lessons learned from the high-intensity strength and conditioning workouts that formed the core of classic Queerfit, we will be adding yoga and increasing elements of physical and emotional agility.

- QF92 is group based. You will be part of the larger QF92 group as well as a 5-6 person team that will be responsible for keeping one another on track. As with classic QF, the Tuesday and Saturday workouts will all be group based, allowing us to practice being in teams and working collectively. We are activating everything we know about the protective powers of groups in the design of QF92.

- QF92 is a training program. This is a different approach than classic QF. Classic QF has been an open, general exercise group. People could and were encouraged to drop in anytime, and to come as frequently or occasionally as they wished. There have been many benefits to that, but it’s also a bit haphazard. As a 92 day training program, by contrast, QF92 will be more systematic about how to get from point A to point B.

At this moment, there are many things driving us at to retreat into their own living rooms. When you watch videos of police killings and beatings, your mirror neurons triggers reactions in your body as if what you are watching was happening to you directly. Those of you doing movement and social justice work have to regularly confront powerful people and institutions who are wish you ill. People who you love and trust do terrible things.

The coaching team for QF92 (Kung Li, Shae, Jocelyn, Glo, and Zahra) want to invite you away from scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram. We want you to build the strength, resilience and community you need to live with a wide open heart in a world that is trying to do you great harm. We would like to have you get your fitness on with a group of people who need each other to survive.

Here are the details:

- January 9 – April 9, 2016
- Strength & conditioning workouts every Tuesday @ 6:15 pm and Saturday @ 10:00 am.
- Cues for daily movement practice
- Three x 28 day challenges designed to develop new practices for transformative change
- Free
- People who were part of QF92 in 2015 are encouraged to apply
- People who were not part of QF92 in 2015 are also encouraged to apply

How can I apply?

We are limiting the QF92 cadre to 30 people, and ask that you complete the application below to let us know you’re interested. We anticipate having a lot more applications than available spaces, so will prioritize people who are connected to social networks, who are oriented towards supporting/protecting others, and/or who have been doing movement or social justice work (whether paid or unpaid) that intentionally confronts the powers that be. As with classic Queerfit, QF92 will be a place for people of color and select, clued-in allies.

Complete the application on or before January 5th. If you have any questions, please email us at queerfit92@gmail.com.

If you are accepted to the program, our first meeting will be a two-hour session starting at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 9.

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Anything you would like us to know about your mobility as we plan to make this program accessible to all (injuries, use of assistive devices, etc…)?
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How did you hear about QF92?
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Tell us about why you are applying to participate in QF92?
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Set three goals for yourself: what are three things you would like to get out of QF92?
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How would you describe your relationship to wellness, fitness, and exercise?
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Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you?
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The basis of fitness is your nutrition. When you come into QF92 you’re making a commitment to improving your nutrition. What about your nutrition would you like to improve? What are your nutrition goals?
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Do you need any of the following to support your participation in QF92? (Please check box)
Note: QF is committed to providing free childcare for you to be able to workout with us. This will happen outside in the elements unless we are indoors, which is not always guaranteed. Please provide the adequate clothing and other materials for your child as we watch them.
We ask that all QF92 participants commit to three core elements of the program to help ensure that we all get the most out of this program and each other. Please check each box to indicate the workouts and meetings you commit to attending and participating in:
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