Resilience 2nd Ed Pre-orders
Hi, thank you for showing your interest to pre-order a copy of Resilience: Survive and Thrive 2nd Edition :D Please sign up in this form so that we can contact you once it is available for purchase :D

The introductory price of the game is P1,249.00. If you are an educator or advocate, you can avail of a 20% educational discount so the price will be P999.00. We hope to be able to offer the game at this price to make it as accessible as possible but we may need to increase prices as we find out all the true costs involved in making and spreading each copy.

If you are part of an NGO or an educational institution and want to use the game for educational purposes, you can request a demo from us so that we can show you how the game works. Please email us at to request a meeting.

Thank you!!! :D

For more info on the 2nd Edition, see this post:
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