MELTED 2019 - Vendor Application
Hello and welcome to the vendor application form for MELTED 2019. Please read through the following information and complete all sections of this form to apply for a vendor position at MELTED.

To assist us in processing your application please use as much detail as possible. There are sections provided to include any additional information that supports your application. If you don't know certain details yet, that is fine too.

Some helpful tips/suggestions to get the most out of your MELTED experience:

- Include some kind of interactive or creative element. (e.g. optional toppings, competitions, games, product samples, social media interaction)

- Make your site as visually appealing as possible. A simple gazebo site can easily be improved by putting a little bit of time and effort into how it looks. Feel free to contact us to discuss some ideas of ways to achieve this.

- Quality is better than quantity. It could be more effective and straightforward to have 2-3 really great product options rather than offer too many. If you have a physical store this is also a great way to attract people to visit you outside of the festival to experience your other offerings.

- Think bigger than the festival. You may wish to include vouchers or some other incentive to get people to visit you or engage with you outside of the festival. In our experience, word of mouth and social media is a great way to advertise.

- This is your festival. If you have any other ideas or suggestions we would love to hear them.

If you have any other supporting documentation or would like additional information please contact MELTED Festival Director Luke Schroder:
027 354 5424

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