Janko Melodica Information Form
Thank you for your interest in our design, prices are as follows (* not including shipping)

Full Instrument (one Hohner Performer 37 Melodica with Janko Keys Installed): $350

Just the Keys: $175

Please submit your information and preference of a full instrument or set of keys. A deposit of $150 is needed to start work on a full instrument but not for the keys alone as they just require payment in full ($175). Please note that a full instrument will come with the keys installed and ready to go while just the keys are for a DIY types. For those just buying keys, I will make a really nice and straightforward video on how to install them which takes about 30 minutes and requires minimal tools and effort.

To get started, I need to know the exact number of people who want keys or an instrument so I can start the process gathering tools and supplies and start building. Once you submit your form I'll have a better idea of who wants what and I'll contact you via email for further instructions, payment, cost of shipping, timeframe etc and get back to you as soon as I can.
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Hohner Performer 37 Melodica with Janko Keys Installed $350
Just The Keys $175
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