Gorham School Volunteer Program Gorham Middle School Registration 2019-20
The mission of the Gorham School Volunteer Program is to increase student achievement by facilitating meaningful learning experiences for students, parents and other community members. Education is the responsibility and privilege of the entire community. In every community there are men and women with abilities, interests and time who can contribute much to the education of our children through volunteer service. The Gorham Schools are grateful for the tremendous contribution made to the children of this community by volunteers.

Important: You must complete a registration form for each child you have at Gorham Middle School. For your first child, complete the entire form (3 sections). For subsequent children, you only need to provide your name (first and last) and your child's name and team.

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Volunteer Agreement
I understand that I work under the direction of school personnel as part of the education team. It is not the purpose of school volunteers to replace professional educators.

I understand that students in the Gorham Schools have the right to expect that information about them will be kept confidential by all volunteers. Each student with whom I work has the right to expect that nothing that happens to or about him/her will be repeated to anyone other than authorized school department employees. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act was designed to afford parents and students privacy and other rights with respect to educational records.

I understand that Gorham School Volunteers serve at the request of the school staff. School staff or I may terminate the relationship at any time without cause.

Background Check
In February 2013, the Gorham School Board adopted a new policy related to volunteers. The policy is part of the district’s continuing efforts to ensure the safety of all children attending our schools.

The policy states: In the interest of protecting the safety of students and staff, the school unit will conduct criminal background checks on all volunteers who will be working directly with or will have access to students, including those chaperoning students on field trips or school-sponsored excursions.

Please note that criminal charges, investigations, arrests, or convictions for a crime will not necessarily bar you from volunteer service.

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