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Open Letter to the Administration of Paramus Catholic High School
Dear President James P. Vail and the Administrators of Paramus Catholic High School,

We, the alumni of Paramus Catholic, are devastated that you have terminated Dean Kate Drumgoole’s employment because of her same-sex marriage. We are disappointed that, by abandoning Kate Drumgoole, you have abandoned the pride that we share in our diversity.

During our time at Paramus Catholic, we were greeted each morning by our impressive display of flags from all over the world. These flags were a visible reminder that we came of age in an increasingly globalized world, of which we caught an authentic glimpse in our own classrooms. Each day, we found ourselves in a diverse environment that encouraged us to respect and learn from our differences. We are proud that, during the Paladin News Network's morning broadcast, a Jewish teacher could recite blessings in Hebrew as she kindled the Hanukkah lights. We are proud that, during each all-school Mass, Eucharistic ministers invited non-Catholic students and teachers to receive a blessing during Holy Communion, whether those individuals were Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, atheist, non-Catholic Christian, or non-Catholic in other respects. We are proud that Paramus Catholic offers, and requires for its Aquinas Scholars Program, interdisciplinary coursework in world religions. At Paramus Catholic, our community was diverse in race, ethnicity, nationality, religious and spiritual affiliation, biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual attraction, romantic attraction, language, socioeconomic background, age, and ability—whether or not we were thoughtful and patient enough as adolescents to appreciate diversity as we do now.

We are disappointed in your decision to terminate Kate Drumgoole’s employment based on her legal marriage to an individual who also happens to be a woman. By your decision, you perpetuate misinformed hate against individuals on the basis of their gender and sexuality. From your position of power and privilege, you deny lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students a psychologically safe learning environment. Though you have the power to coauthor a narrative of respect, you institutionalize the kind of oppressive worldview that leads students to bully and verbally abuse other students based on their sexual orientation or their perceived sexual orientation.

Moving forward from our shameful past of discrimination, the last decade in American history gives us hope. Federal and state legislation has improved so as to insist on the human dignity of LGBTQ Americans in marriage, in healthcare, in the military, in housing opportunity, in the workplace, against conversion therapy for minors, and against hate crimes. Yet within our own Paramus Catholic community—in which our Paladin mascot is said to stand against social injustice, in which students of non-Christian religious backgrounds support Jesus Christ's teaching to love one another—you have leveraged your power and privilege to promote hatred.

Mr. Vail, you yourself shared the following vision of diversity in the 2017 Viewbook:

"Dear Prospective Member[s] of the Paramus Catholic Community, ... Paramus Catholic’s diversity enhances our standards as a college preparatory school. You can become a citizen of the world here, which will prepare you for the real world of college and career. You can only learn so much in a school where everyone is just like you."

Mr. Vail, the real world is here. The real world is in the hallways just outside your office. The real world is made of human beings who find themselves at the intersection of complex social identities. The real world has heard your decision and bears the consequences of your decision.

As alumni of Paramus Catholic High School, we ask you to:

- Issue a formal apology to Kate Drumgoole.
- Issue a formal apology to Paramus Catholic High School students.
- Enact policies against employment discrimination on the basis of biological sex, sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression, sexual attraction, romantic attraction, and marriage status.
- Enact similar policies that protect Paramus Catholic High School students from discrimination inside and outside the classroom.
- Develop diversity workshop training for administrators, teachers, and students so as to empower them to become citizens of the real world. Empower them to create a world that accommodates and builds on our diversities.

While we would like to believe that there truly has never been a better time to be a Paladin, we must all work to make it so. Make us believe that Paladins really are making the world a better place.


Concerned Alumni of Paramus Catholic High School
In loving solidarity with Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Josh Borja (2010)
Damian Stobierski (2011)
Amanda Chivil (2011)
Tim Sakow (2011)
Brian R. Morales (2011)
Mac Mario De Castro (2010)
Alexander Delgra Jr. (2010)
Andrew Konnerth (2013)
Kristen Stefanelli (2011)
Andrew Faiz (2010)
Pooja Patel (2010)
Valentina (2014)
David Weis (2010)
Jennifer Salomon (2011)
Kristina Evans (2013)
Kristi Delahanty (2011)
Gina Papera-Ewing (2008)
Matthew Kyle (2010)
Amanda Feliciano (2009)
Ashley Conde (2010)
Erica Palumbo (2008)
Shawn Pandit (2012)
Patrick Fedick (2010)
Erin Page (2008)
Steve Slezak (2010)
Caitlin George (2009)
Kelly Smith (2011)
Keri A Roskowinski (2010)
Katie Nascenti (2009)
Loreal Lingad (2010)
Samantha (2011)
Jacob Saks (2010)
Shamaria canty (2010)
Jackie FitzGerald (2008)
Christopher Reid (2011)
Grace Saile (2013)
Bri (2009)
Anthony J. Silva (2011)
Lauren Milligan (2011)
Nicole Marrero (2010)
Valerie Tassy (2011)
Christine Guerra (2011)
Theodore Failla (2012)
Mark Niedziela (2011)
Melissa Stevens (2012)
Kaitlin Torres (2010)
Emily Clark (2013)
Liz Andelora (2010)
Jonathan Otero (2011)
Shakira Saleem
Maggie Biedenkapp (2011)
Joseline B. (2011)
Alexandria Garay (2015)
Su Wan Kim (2014)
Paulina Bialy
Amber Broadnax (2013)
Victoria Rollo (2012)
Nicole Passalacqua (2010)
Candice Johnson (2010)
Brianna Somers (2011)
Eric Biss (2010)
Sam Ciavarella (2008)
Janelle Geraldo (2013)
Jeremy Sperber (2010)
Alexandra Perri (2010)
Lindsey Knapp (2009)
Joseph Gonzalez (2011)
Anthony C. Parisi (2010)
Lucy Eyerman (2009)
Jeanne Otersen (1970)
Kelly Thomson (2014)
Brianna Thomson (2008)
Kaitlin Kennedy (2010)
Shaun Thomson (2011)
Harry Rudolf Calara (2011)
Miguel Pellicia (2011)
Justin Izquierdo (2011)
Alexis Morales (2011)
Kathleen Weis (1974)
Megan Jones
Sarah Levine (2016)
Brandi Garrison (2010)
Catherine Bradshaw (2013)
Alexis Wahad
Epiphany Sams (2008)
Jessica Nash
Jennifer Rojas (2012)
Sherae Hancock (2007)
Gabrielle Villar (2014)
Kieran Baguiwet (2015)
Brindsi Liberty (2013)
Christine Faiello (Failla) (2007)
Janelle Marchesani (2013)
Danielle Bush (2007)
Crystal Barreiro (2011)
Dezmarie Vazquez (2011)
Kimberly Diciancia
Samantha LaMorgese (2009)
Jaymee Castillo (2009)
Patrick Casey (2008)
Christine Roque (2014)
Brittany Mangan (2012)
Aswan Carbonell (2013)
Rebecca DiDonato (2014)
Tasnim Chowdhury (2012)
Brittany James (2012)
Jasmine Quinones (2008)
Jessica Kenny (2014)
Kanishya Villegas (2015)
Nicholas Fazio (2007)
Leanne Hernandez (2010)
Christopher Desamparado (2010)
Alyssa Van Haasteren (2009)
Rebecca Graziano (2007)
Keanna Virgil (2011)
Veronica Ozog (2011)
Brianna livreri (2014)
Jordan Augustyn (2012)
Ronnie Dela Rosa (2010)
Alexandria Adesso (2007)
De'jah Taylor (2013)
Imani Banks (2011)
Alexa Young (2014)
Justina Lipari
Vanessa (2016)
Lizelle Pernia (2011)
William Arguelles (2011)
Keith Picher (2009)
Renato Rojas (2009)
Gabrielle Maggia (2011)
Theresa Cannone (2011)
Joseph Caruso (2007)
Natasha Belizaire (2008)
Andrew Jennings (2014)
Jennifer Casey (2006)
Joel-Taylor Brizzi (2011)
Christopher Pioch (2008)
Annu Vincent
Craig Persico (1988)
Amanda Marin (2008)
Patrick Hold (2008)
Vanessa Bure (2009)
Nicole Sarullo (2011)
Sabrina Sabatino (2014)
Allison Cannone (2014)
Harrisson Quijote (2011)
Margaret Roche (2014)
Sean Ritchie (2007)
Ashley Shimabukuro (2009)
Matilde Mancuso (2013)
Nicole Hylton (2013)
Michelle Yzaguirre
Jeff Marrero (2010)
Kelly Shimabukuro (2013)
Thomas McKiernan (2009)
Devon Wieczorek (2011)
Joseph Stefanelli
Michelle Satalino (2016)
Katherine E. Pioch (2012)
Veronica Martinez (2011)
Kaitlyn Hessman (2011)
Stephen Cannon (2011)
Jay Mendez (2011)
Adam Humbert (2011)
Luis Gutarra (2011)
Anthony Ciccarino (2012)
David Geraldes (2014)
Brent Nycz (2005)
Rhiannon Pfeiffer (2012)
Lamont Thomas (2012)
Jenn (2011)
Jessica Gorrell (2014)
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Alyssa Tighe (2012)
Corey Kientz (2011)
Robert Kierzkowski (2007)
Samantha Lehmbeck (2014)
Gina Sambucini (2014)
Vincent Viola (2011)
Victoria Lehmbeck (2016)
Meghan Baumann (2010)
Stephanie Triola (2014)
Vanessa Gomez (2014)
Alina Acevedo (2005)
Michael Felz (2007)
Jenny Abdulkarim (2008)
Nina Caruso (2009)
Brittany Hoffman (2013)
Eveline Roszkowski (2010)
Karissa Melfi (2012)
Harsh Kumar Menghani (2012)
Kathleen Duffy Paradiso (1974)
Andréa Felder (2007)
Marissa Cabibbo (2009)
Kara Mendez (2012)
Rachel Kehoe (2009)
Jacqueline Ducato (2012)
Emily Fagan (2012)
Kate Holland (2007)
Bridget Buckman (2014)
Sean Morelli (2009)
Ashley Eaton (2013)
Janna Moreano (2010)
Danielle Nelson (2014)
Nidia Rodriguez (2012)
Kaitlin Agulto (2008)
Katie Glynn (2010)
Allison Szeliga (2015)
Lauren D'Imperio (2010)
Tatiana Ilnicki (2010)
Melissa Maggia (2008)
Francesca Timpanaro (2011)
Andres morales (2009)
Helena Dickinson (2015)
Angela Francisco (2012)
Kelly Stanckiewitz (2010)
Jessica Maskal (2008)
Nicole Menist (2008)
Jessica M (2000)
Lauren Baginski (2014)
Michael Kenny (2014)
Melissa Graziano (2011)
Jennifer Elovitz (2011)
Ariella C. (2008)
Victoria Armas (2006)
Jianna Luongo (2013)
Kenneth Barilari (2013)
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Jordan Cavallaro (2012)
Sean Ruane (2011)
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Antonella Marcon (2015)
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Alyssa Maccarrone (2011)
Alexis Langelotti (2001)
Deana Ivory (2010)
Rhamer Bernardez (2014)
Melissa Traupmann (2014)
Radhi Patel (2013)
Dave tassy (2009)
Sara Cortez (2011)
Mike Averna (2011)
Chris szabo (2012)
Brittanylee Schultz (2014)
Owen Gallagher (2013)
Jo-Ann English (1984)
Melissa Mautone (2012)
David Hernandez (2005)
S. Jacqueline McCullough-Garcia (2009)
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Christina Graziano Carrini (1989)
Cristina Andelora (2009)
Michael Vinci (2010)
Geena Matala (2013)
Justina Ferrante (2012)
Alyssa Pesoli (2015)
Marilyn Alonso (2012)
Samantha O'Malley (2010)
Bailey Sullivan (2015)
Jaclyn Ferrari (2012)
Bridgette Liauatud (2016)
Janis Rosen (2004)
Samantha Gartner (2013)
Alyssa Antoci (2010)
Joseph Andrew Acosta (2008)
Arys Tejeda (2004)
Linda Mandeville-Kerth (1970)
Eric Oropesa (2010)
Sara Gianfrancesco (2011)
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Wendy Lam (2007)
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Cody Porcoro (2012)
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Kimberly Diciancia (2007)
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Jennifer Pelaez (2005)
Joanne Brennan -Vanore (1986)
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William Blake (2016)
Megan Rambone (2009)
Tina Mergola (2004)
Shantel Suncar (2008)
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Daniel Hernandez (2008)
Jamie Abarca (2008)
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HanBin Baik (2015)
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Gabriella Marie Santucci (2010)
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Sarah Konnerth (2011)
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Larissa Sydor (2004)
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Sara Phan (Ventre) (2000)
Audrey Ascuitto-Morosco (1990)
Julian Perez (2016)
Briana McCafferty (2011)
Michael Ventura (1998)
Dale Grossman (Menist) (2003)
Dana Purciello (2014)
Michael Delgado (2013)
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Malik Vazquez (2015)
Donna Robinson-Tauss (1975)
Alyssa Carrozza (2013)
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Stephanie Navarrete (2010)
Kim DeSerio (1985)
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Brianna pinto (2016)
Melissa Connor (2000)
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Anne Elizabeth Dempsey (2003)
Alexis Kline (2016)
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Dina Graziano (1991)
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Kristin Catalfamo
Kira Harbourne
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Every PCHS Class is now on the map—every year from the very first Class of 1969! But don't settle! Who is in YOUR alumni group? Help bring together our community that stretches across 50 years!

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