River View Farmers' Market Vendor Application Form
Presented by The Elkford Community Enhancement Society and The District of Elkford.
Welcome to Elkford
Elkford is a picturesque Rocky Mountain town founded in 1971. Elkford has grown over the years from a collection of temporary homes to its current population of nearly 3,000 residents. Elkford remains a place where nature prevails – and humanity borrows a bit of space. Pristine natural wilderness is highlighted by proximity to Elk Lakes Provincial Park, Height of the Rockies Wilderness area along the continental divide and world class fly-fishing on the Elk River. The community boasts with a range of recreational amenities that include a 9 hole golf course, an 18 hole disc golf course, a local ski hill and over 40 km of maintained multi-use trails in and around town.

Important Dates
June 29 till July 2 - Elkford Slo-Pitch Association Wildcat Days Slo-Pitch Tournament
July 1 - Canada Day Celebrations
June 29 and 30 - Wildcat Days
The market is hoping to run weekly events this year alongside the market – these ideas include but are not limited to: a pie eating contest, a get intimate with nature, kids fest, beer and band night, art in the park, fitness in the park, chili cook off.
Who owns River View Farmers’ Market?
River View Farmers’ Market (RVFM) is directed and sponsored by The Elkford Community Enhancement Society (TECES). The District of Elkford and the Elkford Chamber of Commerce are also key partners in running RVFM. TECES was founded in August 2015 by a group of like minded community members who want to see Elkford become the best place to live.

TECES is a nonprofit organization that develops, promotes and shares local project ideas. Together, we will bring local citizens together to achieve common goals, thereby developing a more united community-empowered to create positive change.

1. To demonstrate to our children, our families and our community the value of volunteerism and to show that through working together, anything is possible.

2. To involve the whole community in the continued development of our beautiful area. To instill a sense of pride among our citizens by allowing them to help in the planning , financing and construction of local projects.

3. To enrich the quality of lives for those living in our community.

RVFM is a registered Farmers’ Market with the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets (BCAFM). What does that mean? The BCAFM defines a “farmers’ market” as:
“Farmers’ Market” means a market located in British Columbia comprised exclusively (100%) of vendors who grow, make, bake, raise or wild harvest the products they sell, all of which products must be grown or processed in British Columbia, and which prioritize primary producers/farmers and food, all in accordance with such criteria as may be established by the Board from time to time”

Market Rules and Conduct Expectations
Vendor Conduct Rules and Expectations

Vendors are expected to arrive any time after 4:00 pm to unload their products and have their display set up for the public by 5:00 pm.

Vendors shall not pack up their products or displays until 7:30 pm

Cancellation: please let the Market Manager know by 5:00 pm on Tuesday if you cannot make the market.
Vehicle use is limited to those whose products cannot be unloaded. Vehicle use is at the discretion of the Market Manager.

Vendors are expected to park in the designated vendor parking area, leaving the best parking for market patrons. Vendor parking is located at the south end of the park. PLEASE NOTE: Parking is prohibited east of Camp Road in the Teck Ltd. parking lot. PLEASE SEE Map 1 for a visual.

Entering and exiting the park. The white arrows depict where vendors can enter and exit the park - a Fortis Gas line runs parallel to HWY 43 and should not be driven over. PLEASE SEE Map 1 for a visual.

Each vendor is responsible for their own space and must provide their own garbage/recycling receptacles, wash stations, table(s), tent, tie downs and power supply. Tents must be secured. Vendors are encouraged to skirt their tables and create an appealing display. Please note: there is no power outlets or water available in the park. A port-a-potty will be place in the park for the market season.

Market patron and vendor safety in the marketplace are important. Displays should be planned with safety in mind. At all times, vendors are responsible for the stability and safety of their display elements.

Full product guarantees should be offered by vendors, we strongly recommend the use of business cards.

Distribution or home-based franchised businesses will not be accepted.

No open flames will be allowed in the market place.

Smoking at your booth is not acceptable. Please smoke in your vehicle or away from the market area.
Consumption of alcohol or illegal substances will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Vendors with children in the marketplace must be closely supervised.

Arts and Crafts Vendors
All products must be produced by the artist/crafter.
Only adjudicated items are allowed to be sold.
If a vendor wishes to add new items to their product line at the market, the new items must be adjudicated.

Service Vendors
Vendors must be present at the Market and provide the service to the customers directly.

Non-Profit Groups
1-2 stall per market will be open for local (Elk Valley) community groups/non-profit organizations to set up (at no fee) for community exposure.

Youth Vendors
We love seeing young entrepreneurs in the market space! Our market policy is their first market is free of charge, after that they pay a reduced fee of $5 per market.

Rules for Consumable Food Products

Produce Vendors
Produce vendors must come from anywhere in British Columbia. Preference will be given to producers from the Elk Valley region.
All produce vendors must comply with the government’s rules relating to weights and measures.
All fresh egg vendors must comply with the Interior Health Authority rules relating to sales of eggs at a farmers’ market.

Food Vendors
Food product vendors must abide by all government health and safety regulations as outlined in the publication Guidelines for the Sale of Food at Temporary Food Markets (http://eatlocal.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Guidelines-Sale-of-Foods-at-Temporary-Food-Markets_MARCH-2016.pdf), published by the Interior Health Authority (IHA). All mobile food service units are required to have a IHA permit.

Sellers of High-Risk Foods:
must provide a copy of their IHA Permit to Operate.
vendors wishing to sell additional high-risk food items not listed on their permit must reapply to IHA and provide a copy of the new permit to the RVFM.

Sellers of Low-Risk Foods:
must provide copies of pH test results if required. (canned goods)
display a disclaimer for a non-certified kitchen.

Map 1
Market Manager, Committee & Vendor Representatives
The facility is under the direct control of the Market Manager, or their designate. The facility is to be left in “as found condition or better” at the end of each market. Vendors are responsible for picking up all trash in front, under and around their table/space.

All display materials, boxes, must be taken home with the vendor. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to store any items such as racks, coolers or other display items.

All vendor applications may be reviewed and juried by the Market Committee to ensure that the product meets BCAFM eligibility criteria, is suitable to the current market mix, and fits with the market vendor schedule.

Disputes among vendors or customers and vendors must be brought to the Market Manager. Rude behavior will not be tolerated in the marketplace.

The Market Manager is the vendors’ advocate in the marketplace. Vendors are encouraged to bring concerns and problems directly to the Market Manager. The Manager has full control of operations and conduct in the marketplace.

Market Rates
The market will be ran weekly, on Wednesday evenings (5:00- 7:30 PM) from July 4th until August 29th, 2018 in River View Park (HWY 43 and Camp Road). Opening market will be held in conjunction with Wildcat Days on Friday June 29th and will be held in the green space behind the Elkford Aquatic Centre. The market will run RAIN or SHINE, however if the weather conditions create unsafe conditions for market vendors and patrons it will be cancelled.

Market vendor stall cost $20 per 10x10 stall. Payment for market spot can be paid in advance (Cash, Cheque or Credit) OR before the market begins on the day of attendance.

Payment information will be provided once the Market Manager and Committee have reviewed the Vendor Application Form. Please allow 1 week for the Market Manager to get back to you!

Please check which market dates you would like to attend below.

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Release of Information
As a vendor, I give permission for my business information (my name, telephone number and email contact) to be used for product referrals and in vendor information directories on the RVFM website and TECES. Information and mailing lists will be protected but may be used to inform vendors of other community markets and events of interest. Please indicate below how you would like information about your business shared. This section must be signed for you to be included in materials published by RVFM. *
Please provide a short description of your business and products to be share by RVFM
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Accuracy and Acknowledgement of Rules Untitled Title
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Lori, the Market Manager, either via email riversviewfarmersmarket@gmail.com or call her directly at 250-433-7597.
NEW FOR 2018
As per the new bylaws established by the BCAFM - only vendors from the Province of British Columbia will be allowed into the market - to our Alberta vendors we are sorry BUT contact us and we can help you out, if you would like to set up in the District of Elkford this summer.
Our market rates have gone up to $20 this season.
I declare the information on this form to be complete and accurate and I agree to pay the rates as set out and to abide by the Market rules and policies. *
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