Organizational Membership Interest Form
We would love to accommodate your small organization of 2-5 people. Please answer a few questions so we can determine the discount & membership level you need!

Workspace Information:
The co-working space is open Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm, and Fridays 10am-2:30pm, with limited space available from 2:30-6pm due to our weekly afterschool program.

Meeting room in the F.L.O.W. Library
Kitchen w/ coffee maker, tea, fridge, microwave etc
B/W digital printer
Access to LA River Bike Path

WCCW Codes of Conduct:

Respectful Noise Levels
We ask that members keep noise to a reasonable, conversational, level as they are sharing space with others who might be needing to concentrate.

Puppies and Babies
Children and/or animals are permitted in the space as long as they do not disrupt those working in any of the WCCW areas, including the subleased offices.

Men in the workspace
As a space which centers trans & cis women, femme, and non-binary folks, we do not allow cis men to take up permanent space in our co-working environment. Occasional meetings are acceptable.

Parking, Transportation, and Accessibility info:

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Pricing for Laserjet printing is usually free for small-scale print jobs but varies for larger print-jobs. Please see our Print Lab services here:
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