SPECIAL MEETING of Wisconsin Public Education Network Partners with Katherine Cramer, author of "The Politics of Resentment"
Kathy Cramer wrote the book on the disconnect between "urban" and "rural" politics in Wisconsin: "The Politics of Resentment."

We've invited her to come talk to us about how we can bridge that gap when it comes to a value we share: strong public schools are the key to a success future for all students.

Please join us.

When: Thursday, Feb. 2, 2:30-4pm
Where: 33 Nob Hill Dr., Media Room (first floor)
Who: All who are interested in building bridges in a time of "divide and conquer" to support our students and schools statewide

This event is free of charge. All Network partners and supporters of Wisconsin public schools are welcome to attend!

We often describe the work we do to support public schools as being "bridge builders" in a time of "divide and conquer." And in recent years, the perceived "divide" between urban and rural districts has become more complicated, as both increasingly face the same problems: diminished funding, scarcity of resources, and negative impacts of "competition" on local schools.

At this meeting, Dr. Cramer will share some of the lessons she learned while touring rural Wisconsin and talking to local residents, and a panel of Wisconsin Public Education Network experts and advocates from urban and rural communities will respond, followed by Q&A/audience discussion.

We hope to get closer to answering these questions:
- How did public education come to be perceived as a "partisan" issue, and what can we do about it?
- Why is it that Wisconsin voters show such strong support for their public schools by passing record numbers of referenda, and yet continue to elect candidates who are not held accountable for being pro-public education once elected?
- What struggles and aspirations do urban and rural districts have in common? How can we focus on what unites us to avoid being distracted by our differences so that we are stronger together?

We hope you can join us for this important conversation!

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