LGfL Keeping Children Safe Online: A Joined-Up Safeguarding & Curriculum Approach
This category is for schools who can demonstrate effective use of LGfL resources to show a joined-up safeguarding and curriculum approach.
In your submission, the following criteria should be covered:

1) How have you blended safeguarding and curriculum to ensure a successful whole-school and multi-stakeholder approach (where 'online safety' issues are not treated differently to safeguarding ones, where parents are equipped to support their children, where children/young people support and educate both each other and adults in the community, and where you promote the positive aspects of technology).

2) How has the school leveraged LGfL DigiSafe provision to foster and promote a culture of online safeguarding? This might be through our support, research, guidance and resources (for example face to face training events/webinars, conferences, resource portal, policies, templates, newsletters, blogs, posters, filtering etc...) and might be evidenced through lessons, assemblies or parent communications, or through policy updates and decisions.

3) How have you prepared / are you preparing for PSHE/RSHE in September 2020 and how this will further improve curriculum provision and safeguarding in the school community?

Additional supporting material can be submitted to provide examples of the above criteria. You can do this by creating a shareable link (add in the box below); it could include planning, quotes from staff, parents and pupils, photographs and/or video evidence (please limit the video to 3 minutes).

Word count limit for submission: 1000
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