Golden Apple Teacher/Staff Grant Application
Your PTO is pleased to have you consider a Golden Apple Teacher & Staff Grant. Your PTO has currently set aside $5,000 to be allocated toward all Golden Apple Teacher & Staff Grant Applications in a given school year.

There is a $500 maximum per application. Exceptions can be made when applicants have no other funding sources.

These grants will:
-Enhance or compliment existing curriculum or introduce new or unique experiences to Burns Park Students
-Be inclusive of, and accessible by, as many Burns Park Students as possible
-Be reviewed on a “rolling basis”, meaning they are considered for approval upon receipt and until all of the existing grant funds are allocated.
-Be reviewed and final approved by your PTO Board and the Burns Park Principal

You will receive an email copy of your application. Once your application is received by your PTO, you should hear from the PTO President(s) within five business/school days with next steps.

For your application to be voted upon at your next PTO meeting your application must be received - and vetted - at least five business/school days prior to your next PTO meeting. Your PTO meeting dates can be found on your website. Please note that you may be asked to present your request, in person, at your PTO meeting.
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If applicable, what is the timing for your idea? When would it take place? How long would it last? *
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Is this idea inclusive of, and accessible by, as many Burns Park Students as possible? *
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