February 2020 School Lunches
Please submit one form per student.
Meals are made in a nut-free kitchen.
V= Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free offered Pizza Friday ONLY
Record your lunch choices on paper before submitting. (printable calendar is available on our schools website)
NO SCHOOL Winter Break February 24th - 28, 2020
Payment is due to the school no later than February 3, 2019.
(Catered Lunch $3.85 each day, Pizza $1.50 each slice ~all lunches include sides, Fruit and Milk)
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Milk Choice
Milk ONLY ~Use this option with a lunch from home, and would like milk provided for lunch and or snack. $.50 each
Monday, February 3
Tuesday, February 4
Wednesday, February 5
Thursday, February 6
Friday, February 7
Monday, February 10
Tuesday, February 11
Wednesday, February 12
Thursday, February 13
Friday, February 14 -Happy Valentine's Day
Monday, February 17
Tuesday, February 18
Wednesday, February 19
Thursday, February 20
Friday, February 21
Subtotal Pizza ($1.50 X number of slices ordered for month i.e. $1.50 x 6 =$9.00) *
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Subtotal MILK ONLY option i.e. $.50 x 10=$5.00 (Total here if additional milks are ordered, if no list $0) *
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Subtotal Catered Lunch $3.85 x number of lunches for month i.e. $3.85 x 6 =$23.10 *
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TOTAL $ Amount DUE = (Subtotal Pizza) + (Subtotal Add'l Milk) + (Subtotal Catered) *
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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