Children's Safety Village Supporter Survey
The Children’s Safety Village (CSV) values your support and we are looking to better understand your organization, your involvement with the Children’s Safety Village, and how we can build a stronger partnership with you. All responses will be kept confidential.

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Thank you for your time to complete this short survey.
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1. Tell us about your organization’s interest in the Children’s Safety Village? Why do you support the CSV?
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2. What do you believe your organization gains from supporting the CSV? (Check all that apply)
3. In what ways does your organization appreciate being recognized for your support? (Examples include: plaque at village, thanks from participants of program, mention on website, social media, police week, brand awareness opportunities, happy to support the mission of the CSV, being a long time loyal partner).
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4. Would your organization take the opportunity to participate in activities and events offered by the CSV?
5. If you responded yes to the above question, tell us about which events/activities you would consider attending or supporting.
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6. What is your preferred method of communication? *
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