MIPN Invasive Plant Control Database Case Study Entry Form
Do you have experience working to control invasive plants ? If so, we would love to hear about it, whether your control method was very, moderately, marginally or not at all effective. By sharing your experiences, you can help other people around the region who are doing battle with the same species. Please include as much detail as possible so that a reader could replicate your methods from the description. All case studies will be reviewed by MIPN staff. Case studies for relevant species will be and displayed on our Control Database website (https://mipncontroldatabase.wisc.edu/) if sufficient information is provided. Other case studies will be shared on our listserv.

Notes on Google Form: None of the answer fields have character limits or restrictions. The form should not time out as long as you maintain an internet connection, BUT if you navigate away from the page before submitting "submit," your work will likely be lost. You can readily copy-paste text from a Word (or similar) document into the Form. We recommend you keep a copy for your records!

Thank you for contributing to the only regional shared knowledge base for reducing the impact of invasive plant species through improved control!
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WHAT: Please tell us what treatment you used and when you applied it. Be as specific as possible, as your attention to detail will allow others to more readily emulate your success or avoid mistakes. No matter what kind of treatment you applied please include infestation size, date/season of application, frequency of application, and stage of plant growth. If mowing or cutting, include height of cut. If using a chemical method include active ingredient, product name, and application rate. *
WHERE: Please describe the location (town/city, state) and habitat type where the treatment took place. *
EFFECTIVENESS: How effective was the treatment? If possible, please report the percent control (i.e., what percent of the infestation was controlled by this method?). Please include any available information on percent control observed in subsequent years, following end of treatment. Information about the condition/vigor of the treated population in years following treatment is especially important for perennial species. *
PHOTOS: Do you have before and after pictures of your treatment site? Or photos of treatment application? You can share them with us via Google Drive or simply by emailing the files to mipn@mortonarb.org. To share via Drive, upload the photos to your Drive, right click and select "Get shareable link," and paste a link for each pic below:
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