Select your volunteer task, join team of like minded change makers at VOSAP
a. Continued engagement, ongoing volunteering impact and expanding the reach of the cause we believe in
b. Ensure measurable, demonstrable impact with money donated for our cause

We have an unprecedented opportunity to scale up our activities with the 10 prototypes that we have developed in past 3 years. With UN accreditation, Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar (NGO Rating Agency), VOSAP IP/mobile app and success of 1st fundraiser that reflects the confidence in VOSAP and our approach, by the community, business leaders, donors and supporters, we are ready to scale up our collective impact.

We encourage all volunteers to step up their involvement and feel free to share ideas.

Request: Average 2 hours / week, 100 hours / year of time commitment to work in one or more teams

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