2020 Summer Credit Recovery Registration
2020 Summer Credit Recovery courses will be offered by Colorado Digital Learning Solutions. Mrs. Hradecky will be the site coordinator for Sterling High School and Mrs. Marick will be the site coordinator for Caliche High School.

The CDLS summer session runs from June 1 - July 24, 2020. They will provide the curriculum, teachers and a summer session coordinator. Courses will be selected by your counselor based on required courses for graduation. Only courses that have been taken and failed at least once will be eligible for credit recovery. The registration fee(s) will be paid by RE-1 Valley AS LONG AS you successfully complete the course(s).

Students may take a MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) CLASSES, ONE AT A TIME during the summer session. The first class must be COMPLETED AND PASSED BY JUNE 25 in order to enroll in the second class.

In order to register for summer credit recovery, please complete and submit this application NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 25, 2020.
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