RUAIR 2021-2022 Census Questionnaire
Filling Out the RUAIR Census is Required to Confirm That You Are A Registered Rutgers NB Student and therefore attend RUAIR Meetings and be recorded in our attendance records
(REQUIRED) What's Your First Name? *
(REQUIRED) What's Your Last Name? *
(REQUIRED) Please enter your scarlet mail email or whatever email is your primary email you check regularly. If you answered no above, put n/a below. *
(REQUIRED) What is Your Scarletmail Email (If it is your primary, please put it in a second time - Rutgers asks for it from time to time) *
(REQUIRED) What Year to Do You Graduate? (So we know when to retire you from the email list) *
(Required for Eboard Members Only): What is a phone number we can reach you at in an emergency?
What is Your Net-ID (i.e. jws52)? *
(Required for Eboard Members Only): What is your Student ID Number (RUID) (i.e. 123005532)?
(REQUIRED) What is Your Discord Handle? (If you haven't done so already, please make a discord account and log into our discord server (
(REQUIRED) Are You Part of Our Discord and Downloaded the App? (You'll need check it often for regular updates). If you're having any difficulties (and don't see a welcome greeting from us), please email us at
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(REQUIRED) Would You Like to Continue to Be on the Email List for RUAIR? This is required for club membership *
(OPTIONAL) How Did You Find RUAIR?
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(Required) What Are Your Pronouns? *
(OPTIONAL) What is Your Major(s) and/or Planned Major(s)?
(OPTIONAL) Have you done Model United Nations before?
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(OPTIONAL) Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?
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