LogOut - Gujarat's 1st Cyber Awareness Conference
About Us : ComExpo Cyber Security provides Information Security Services, IT solutions and training according to your high security risks and complex cyber security needs, it is an outcome of enthusiastically collaborated think-tank. It is an innovation of Ethical hacker who has always achieved a successful pace with transforming technologies.

Today in Cyber Space people are becoming victim of cyber-crime everyday, So it’s time to learn and get Secured, Safe and Stay Protected against the Cyber Theft and Cyber Crime which happen just with the few clicks.Our aim is to let people know the secure way of using technology in their daily life and make them realize how sensitive this issue is, today when India is revolutionized in FinTech, Smart city, Smart Grid, Space Technology, Defense system, Telecommunication sector and becoming cashless economy then security is a big concern for Industry so we are bringing speakers from different sector of industry to share experience with us and help every individual, company, start-up to strengthening their security.

Date : 22nd January 2017 Time : 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM
Venue : Thakor Bhai Desai Hall, Nr. Law Garden, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Registration : Free for all and open for all but Registration is compulsory with aadhaar card no. because of security protocol. People with confirm registration mail/Ticket is only permitted in premises.

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