Camp Magruder Reference Form 2020
The applicant is volunteering to work this summer as a counselor or camp leader for at least one week of camp at Camp Magruder. Counselors are primary caregivers for a cabin of campers with minimal breaks. They live, play, eat, and worship with the cabin as well as discipline them. This evaluation helps us know each applicant better, so you could help a good counselor or leader get recruited or warn us of a potentially ineffective counselor. Consider the applicant's abilities to work with children and youth honestly.

To be used as a Reference: One must be over 21. One must not be a family member and should know the applicant predominately on a professional level. One must be able to thoroughly and objectively evaluate the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to work with children and youth without serious conflicts of interest. If you do not feel you can complete the form objectively or there are conflicts of interest, please contact Hope Montgomery at
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