Please make sure your email address and phone number valid. You will get a copy of Ebook Proses Beli Kereta & 18 Rahsia Lulus Skim Graduan. Thank you for taking your time to fill in the quiz. I am hoping this quiz will benefit you just like my previous quiz which has help over 2000++ people so far.
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When I left Hire Purchase Department at Public Bank and Ambank, I always wanted to create a "scoring system" just like them but it definitely needs a lot of money to build it. When I become a Sales Advisor and one of my jobs is to advise the customer on which bank to submit and of course I always favoring Public Bank and Ambank because I know how the scoring works. But it comes to my attention that I need to know how other banks work too to help my other customers. So I gather information, make friends, tons of experiment and eventually, I am kinda master the other banks scoring. You see, every other bank has different risk calculations, different scoring system and the different requirements that they want to fulfill in order to approve your loan. So for me, "Loan Advice" is the main part of the car buying process. If you failed this part, then you can't proceed to the other stages. Full Stop. Other Sales Advisor may guess using their experience or randomly tembak. But not for me. I need to know the case has how many chances even before submitted to the bank. If I don't know the answer, I will ask for advice from bankers, ex-bankers and top sales advisor in my team, iSpeed Team. That is how I work.
Why I have created this quiz and how it works? This quiz is basically a pre-checking where your answer will lead you to the result. People come to me and ask many questions just to get a clear picture of how they want to get their loan to approve by the bank. Sometimes, the customer is buying with other Sales Advisor but he comes to me for a piece of advice. I don't mind that actually cause for me rezeki is in god hand, not man. What I am trying to say here is if you want to learn more about your loan status, this quiz is for you. But if you want a clear crystal picture, you come to me.
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