Naturalist Support - Hiring Supervisors
This year, one of MNA's goals is to provide more support for seasonal naturalists and to create a seasonal staffing best practices document. In order to best assist, we first wanted to survey both seasonal staff and their hiring supervisors to further understand what support is currently being offered and what is needed/wanted. If you have any questions on this survey, feel free to email Becky at The deadline to fill out this survey is Monday, April 12th. Thanks in advance for your responses!
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Do you employ seasonal staff?
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What type of site do you work at? Check all that apply
What region of the state do you work in?
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How many seasonal staff do you hire per year?
How many years have you hired seasonal staff?
Do you provide seasonal staff individual desk space?
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Are the seasonal staff at your site hired for a set number of hours, or does your program level determine their hours?
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What types of volunteer programs/opportunities do you have?
How do you pay seasonal staff? Check all that apply
Which supplies do you provide seasonal staff? Check all that apply
Which of the following do you currently provide to seasonal staff? Check all that apply
Optional: Please explain/provide further details about the above question (Which of the following do you currently provide to seasonal staff)
As a hiring supervisor, what challenges (if any) arise in having your site provide additional support (such as onsite training, professional development, evaluations, networking opportunities, PTO, sick leave, etc.) to seasonal staff?
Would you be interested in offering a collaborative staff sharing for seasonal staff? (i.e. working with other sites to have seasonal staff occasionally visit other sites during work time to learn and have networking opportunities from other facilities) Why or why not?
What do you feel is the minimum livable wage for seasonal naturalist work?
What do you feel is the biggest barrier to support seasonal staff more effectively?
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