Edgewood Soccer Survey 2020
Edgewood hopes to continue to offer our recreational opportunities, in a way that keeps everyone safe and healthy. To get a better understanding of how families are feeling about group sports in the time of Covid 19, we're asking anyone who has participated in, or would consider participating in our Soccer League, to respond to this survey. This will help us to know what we can do to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe participating in this league, and to make the best possible experience for the kids. Thank you!
Would you consider participating in our soccer league, even as Covid 19 infections continue in our region?
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Would you feel comfortable knowing that certain health/safety measures are being enacted? These measures would potentially include, but not be limited to: sanitizing equipment before/during/after practices and games; avoiding the sharing of equipment as much as reasonably possible; touch-less sportsmanship (no hand slapping/high fives, etc); limiting the number of people on the field and keeping adequate time between games/practices to help avoid crowding on the field; limiting the number of participants in the league and/or per team; signage to encourage proper hygiene, plus providing hand sanitizer for participants to use; requesting use of face masks by adults who are medically able to; requesting households to maintain a 6 ft distance from one another; requesting anyone who is ill to stay home.
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Where do you stand in terms of your comfort level of balancing safety measures versus maintaining a season that you are used to? Please choose the option that best fits.
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Would you be willing to help ensure that your household, including any participating child(ren), are practicing social distancing at games/practices (ie, ensuring that your child is not congregating while they are not actively on the field)?
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Are you also willing to make sure your household helps to prevent the spread of Covid by doing things like staying home when sick, doing temperature checks prior to practices and games, following proper hygiene, and wearing masks when asked?
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Are there additional measures that you would like to see enacted? Please provide details below.
Do you feel that any of the above restrictions might be too extreme, to the point where they would prevent you from allowing your child to participate? Please let us know which restrictions concern you.
If you have any additional questions/comments, please include them here:
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