Linus Tech Tips Merch Program Survey

o We’re trying to make our merchandise way better. This questionnaire will help us do that.
o This survey is being conducted for internal research purposes only. It is completely anonymous and voluntary.
o Please answer the questions with your own personal opinions, not what you think others want. It’s about YOU.
o Press "Submit" at the end of the questionnaire; we really appreciate your input- it actually makes a difference!
Which of our shows do you watch the most?
How often do you watch Linus Tech Tips videos?
What is your favourite youtube channel other than Linus Tech Tips, Tech Quickie, Tech Linked, or Channel Super Fun?
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Which other YouTube channels have you purchased merch from (if any)?
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What merch items are you more likely to buy from Linus Tech Tips merch store?
What other merch or custom products would you be excited to see in our future Linus Tech Tips merch lineup?
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Have you purchased the LIMITED EDITION "Designed by Linus" TechLinked Shirt?
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