Digital Strategy for Industry 4.0 Survey
Andy Carlino and Jamie Flinchbaugh are conducting research on practices behind the industrial digital strategy. Please help us by completing this survey. You will have the option of being the first to receive the results.
Do you see digital transformation/Factory 4.0 as? *
What objectives, challenges or issues are you trying to specifically address with the digital transformation? *
What is the primary existing or planned focus of the digital strategy? *
Where does "digital" rank in policy deployment and corporate objectives? *
Is your digital strategy integrated into your business strategy? *
How do you see your digital strategy integrating with your current operational strategy and systems? *
Which function of the organization owns and is responsible for digital implementation? *
In the last 3 years has your investment in digital/factory 4.0: *
Do you anticipate your investment in digital in 2021 to? *
Do you partner with an external provider for the development and/or implementation of digital transformation? *
Where do you think you stand with digital transformation compared to your competition? *
What are the current top challenges or that you anticipate with implementing digital transformation? *
How would assess your current internal capabilities to implement your digital strategy (consider the previous question)? *
What impact or changes to your strategy/implementation do you expect post-COVID in the “new normal”? *
What is the #1 purpose for you pursuing a digital transformation?
What are your greatest barriers?
What is your most important “next step”?
Would you like to receive the results? *
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