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WaziHUB (in Swahili for Open-Hub) is an EU - Africa innovation project for Africa aiming to create an OpenHUB for IoT and Big Data cutting-edge and African grade solutions, co-designed by African people.

WAZIHUB’s vision is to exploit IoT potential and share IoT technologies and best-practices through the involvement of innovation communities and stakeholders such as young entrepreneurs, startups, developers, innovation Hubs from local districts, regional level, national level and African-wide.

The project further aims to enable the creation of Open Hubs throughout Africa where IoT technology solutions can then be adapted to match local service needs.

@iLabAfrica will hold an immersive and practical 5-Day IoT Bootcamp experience at Strathmore University, dates: 12th to 16th November 2018 from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm daily.

The Bootcamp will explore the basics of IoT and introduce the participants to the WaziUp platform. This will be a great opportunity to design, develop and deploy next generation solutions that will touch millions of users.

The objectives of the bootcamp are:
• To introduce the IoT ecosystem consisting of hardware, software and cloud providers.
• To enable participants to jumpstart their IoT ideas.
• To discuss emerging trends in cloud computing aligned with IoT.
• To introduce interested participants to the WaziHub Accelerator program.

We therefore invite applications from:
1. Students with interest in IoT
2. Startups in IoT space.
3. Developers in the IoT space.
4. Entrepreneurs, Agropreneurs interested in IoT.
NB: Selected participants should attend all 5 days of the Bootcamp

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