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If I am accepted, I understand that I will be required to sign a Licensing Agreement and pay the full course tuition and room/board fees. Then, beginning 1 year after becoming officially certified, I understand that I will have to pay an annual licensing fee to continue teaching the RR workshop. I understand that this is all described in the Licensing Agreement, which is available for me to read now at https://radicalremission.com/about/teachertraining/ *
I have read the Cancellation Policy at https://radicalremission.com/about/teachertraining/ *
I understand that this training program certifies me to lead small or large groups through the Radical Remission Workshop curriculum. I understand that this is NOT a training to become a one-on-one Radical Remission Health Coach, which is a certification that requires additional training. I may learn about this additional coaching training at https://radicalremission.com/become-a-health-coach/ *
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