Automation System
The automation system is designed to automate your growing environment. The system components includes a controller box, climate probe, infrared probe and camera probe. The controller box switches your devices on/off through three-point plug. The climate probe monitors temperature, humidity, co2 and light. The infrared probe controls any infrared devices within range. Each probe can function separately, or with other probes, to provide a more in-depth user experience.

The application will be on mobile (Android and iOS) and web application. The system allows the user to configure schedules (plan for your growing environment) for growing. Each schedule contains the required temperature, humidity, light, co2 and watering targets that the automation system will achieve over the full growing cycle. The automation system receives sensor readings through the climate probe and controls devices through the control probe and Infrared Probe. The AI will try its best to reach your targets economically with various indoor grow setups.

The controller box will support; Lights, Fan & Inline Vents, Co2 regulators, Aircon, Dehumidifier, humidifier, submersible pump and any other custom device you would like to controlled through timers - Away with all the wall timers! Daisy chaining grow lights through RJ45 will also be available, allow for dimming and full control.

Furthermore, we want this app to transform into a “grow buddy app” where they will be part of the Green Houston community and analysis tools to help guide the user.

Stand a chance to apply for our several free slots of beta testing in April.
Preference of testing will be given according to quality of questions returned.

More information will be available on our Website soon!

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Climate probe - Hangs just above/in-between top canopy
Specification of climate probe: Co2 (0-5000pm) Acuracy:50ppm, Temperature (0-100%RH-40~85°C) Accuracy: 0.2C°, Relative Humidity (0-100%RH-40~85°C) Accuracy: 2%RH
Controller with phone App
How much would you pay for just a climate probe? *
Real time and past readings (Co2, temperature, humidity, light), notifications and other software features through our Android/Apple app. Specification of climate probe: Co2 (0-5000pm) Acuracy:50ppm, Temperature (0-100%RH-40~85°C) Accuracy: 0.2C°, Relative Humidity (0-100%RH-40~85°C) Accuracy: 2%RH
Would you be interested in a climate probe as a stand alone device? *
This includes all the monitoring software.
How much would you pay for the whole automation system? *
Control box, climate probe, infrared probe and camera probe.
Would you make use of the IR transmitter and receiver (remote control probe)? *
e.g. controlling: aircon, dehumidifier, grow lights and fan
Are your grow lights RJ45 control Capable?
Please Include light model used
What are the most critical parts you need automated in your grow room? *
Please list five (or more) in ascending order of importance (i.e. First point being the most important)
Will you need GSM capability? *
Will allow for when the internet is down/no internet connection all together/power out
How many times a day do you check your grow room to see if everything is running as it should? *
How often do you water your plants a week? *
Do you write down all your feeding dosages? *
Would you pay for a subscription? *
Would you pay for a subscription if it included the following? *
Refer to pro-version points. This in essence allows us to lower the hardware costs and continue software development to allow us to add awesome features, many which are not listed below) i.e. AI analysis on your grow data, full integration with the shop and much more.
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Is the 5% discount at the Green Houston grow shop ( something you value as part of the subscription fee? *
What would be more suitable: GSM, Wi-Fi or RJ45 (LAN/Ethernet Cable)? *
Note: Grow tents block signals
Would you like a light sensor for light leaks? *
Please select from preference from 1-10 (1 =absolutely no, 10 = absolutely yes)
Do you use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in your grow room? *
Would you like a battery in the climate probe? *
This allows for uninterrupted readings, which will then synchronize with your online data when internet access is available again
Do you value seeing your plants on camera? *
Please select from preference from 1-10? (1 =absolutely no, 10 = absolutely yes)
Do you use CO2 injection? *
If you could get CO2 readings at an affordable price, would you start using CO2 injection? *
Do you use Android or iOS?
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Are they any other wish lists/features you would like in the automation system? *
This can be software or/and hardware features
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Any other feedback
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