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Are you a current Guild member who wants to wants to organize a discussion on a particular movement issue you are working on with the NLG? Submit a proposal to host an NLG webinar at the form below!

Within five week days of your submission, a National Office staff member will inform you of the status of your proposal and any relevant next steps. Thank you!


Webinars should be related to timely movement/political issues that speak directly to current NLG work, such as that of a committee or chapter. NLG webinars can be directed toward the general public and open to all, or for NLG members-only, depending on the nature and goals of the presentation. (See an overview of some of our areas of focus at

NLG webinars serve to help share legal and organizing strategies, foster political discussion and analysis, build solidarity with other movement groups, raise awareness around important political issues and deepen connections among fellow Guild members. They can also be used to launch or amplify NLG campaigns or coalition efforts of which the NLG is a part.

***IMPORTANT: All NLG webinars require endorsement from one or more NLG entity, such a a chapter or a committee/task force/project.***

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Are there any additional organizations (outside the NLG) sponsoring for this webinar? If so, which ones?
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