Gateway 2018 Child Registration Form
Bring your kids! Gateway Burners are a community and community includes children.
Children 12 and under will be admitted to Gateway Burn free of charge. Children 13 to 18 must have a ticket and be registered. A parent/legal guardian or another adult approved by the parent/guardian must supervise minors (all under 18) AT ALL TIMES . There may be subject matter considered inappropriate for minors.

If you bring your children, be prepared to supervise them THE ENTIRE TIME .

The Gateway Burners Organization is not responsible to control what your child is exposed to during the event. It is your responsibility, as the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the child, to determine what is appropriate for your child and to manage what your child is exposed to during the event. All minors must be registered prior to the event.

To register your minor, please fill out this Gateway 2018 Child Registration Form. If you have more than one child fill out the form for each child.

DEADLINE is June 1, 2018 for Registration


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Other Names *
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Child's Date of Birth *
Child's Ticket Number
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Child's Full Legal Name *
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Child Burner Name
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Other Parent/Guardians *
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Allergies/Health Concerns
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