Epic Team Audition Application 2023-24
Please complete each section with your dancer.  We are looking for his/her responses.  These will be shared with the adjudicators on audition day.   

Complete one application PER DANCER.
Please complete this by Tuesday June 6th or BEFORE Audition Day. 
Thank You
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Dancer's Name *
Dancer's Age and DOB *
Grade in Fall 2023 *
IF NEW TO EPIC: Address (street/town/zip) if CURRENTLY AT EPIC: Put "On File" *
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Check off only 1 audition date and time that your dancer will attend.
Number of years dancing? And at what studio? *
Favorite dance style/technique. *
List any previous Dance Team or Competition experience.  If NONE, put "None" *
What EDC Team(s) are you interested in? Please check all that apply. Epic older teams are Aquas, Blues and Royals, Sapphires.  Pre-Teen/Teen Teams are Denims HH, Violets Company, Hip Hop Squad and Indigoes Lyrical team.  *
Check off specialty dances you would be willing to accept.  THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED, just what you are willing to possibly accept. *
Check off the top 2 dance styles you most prefer to be offered for a specialty. *
List any specialty requests or preferences below. i.e.: dance style or dance partner preferences.  If None, write NONE.     **This DOES NOT guarantee a pairing or a dance specialty. *
Write 1-2 sentences telling us WHY you want to be a part of Epic's competitive dance team. If you are returning to the team, please tell us what you enjoyed the most this past season. *
List at least 3 strengths you feel you have as a dancer that would benefit your team. *
List at least 3 things you want to work on or improve this upcoming year in dance. *
What are you looking forward to the MOST in 2023-24 if you join an Epic dance team? *
Tell us something fun about yourself...maybe a fun fact, Acro trick or hidden talent, there's no wrong answer!! *
Comments, questions, concerns?
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