KPAC 2019 Panel Submission Form
Please follow the instructions on this form in order to submit a panel proposal for KPAC 2019. Entries that do not follow the instructions will not be reviewed for approval into the official KPAC 2019 Schedule.

If you have any questions, please email the KPAC team at
Panel Information
Below is the information in regards to what your panel is about. This information will be utilized for the KPAC Program upon approval into the official schedule.

Be sure to follow all of the instructions in order to be considered for approval.
Panel Title *
What is the name of your panel? This is the title that will be used in the Program for scheduling.
Panel Topic *
What is the topic of your panel? Please select no more than three options to describe your panel.
Other Specification
Please describe your specification for the question above. If the "Other (Please Specify Below)" option is filled above and there is no response in this section, this submission will not be reviewed for approval.
Convention Program Description *
Please give us a brief description about your panel. This information will be used in the Program to provide a preview to attendees on what your panel is about. Be sure to spell check and be specific with your words in this description as it is the first impression you have to get people interested in attending your panel. KPAC staff may shorten the descriptions at their own discretion in order to fit information into the Program. Descriptions should be no more than 500 characters, or approximately 100-150 words.
Panel Outline *
Give us an outline of how your panel will play out. How long is the panel going to be, what sort of technology will be used, does the room need to be laid out a specific way, how many people will be helping with the panel including the host, is there audience participation, are there going to be handouts or physical items attendees can take away from the panel? Please note that there is a possibility that not every request will be met due to restrictions beyond the KPAC team's control. Descriptions should be no longer than 1000 characters.
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