LIL-CON #6 - The Ultimate Board Game Championships
Hello and welcome to the sign up for the Flash Dice Tournament!

Date Saturday September 29th, 2019
Time: Each game can be played throughout the day. Check with jason at the Casual Dragons gaming library on what games have slots open at what times. Those who sign up here, will be put on the list, whih it's best to talk to Jason on times for all players.
Location inside convention: The Gaming Hall Area
Tournament Entry: FREE TO ENTER!
Tournament Style: Highest Score overall wins the tournament.

Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Board Game Championships!.

This tournament will score each player at the end of the convention.

Prizes are a prize box for the first place winner. 2nd place also gets a prize.

The ultimate game championship of board games is here! LIL-CON for the first time ever is holding an epic tournament of 4 selected board games which will put skills to the test! The tournament will feature these 4 games: Tiny Towns, Karuba, Splendor, and Pixoid from 8Bit Box. The best thing about this tournament is you can sign up whenever you like, just be present for the games you are scheduled to play in. Sign ups end at 4PM on Sunday. The tournament begins at 11AM sunday morning and continues until the end of the convention. Winners win fantastic prizes and receive a special prize being the master gamer!

Scores of each game when finished will be reported to Jason Gough of Casual Dragon Games.





PIXOID (from the 8-Bit Box series)

So get ready to play these 4 amazing games and good luck!

To buy tickets to LIL-CON, go here

And for more information, please visit
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