Christian Startup Application
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We offer...

- Starting funding of 1,000 $ / team and more

- One-on-One mentoring with a real experienced startup accelerator

- International expansion of your product to other countries through the Christian tech community.

- Opportunities to pitch to other Christian incubators or VC’s

What is Christian startup?

Christian startup is a small innovative ministry that is scalable and designed to grow rapidly.
The mission of Christian startup must be at least one of these categories:

1. For Churches = Serve the communities of believer or strengthen the churches

2. For Outreach = Evangelize the good news of Jesus to non-believers

3. For Marginalised = Help marginalised people for biblically based social justice

By FIG Incubator
FIG Incubator is the Christian startup incubator in Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Established in 2017.
We are evangelical Christian who want to fulfil God’s great mission by harnessing the power of technology.
Our mission is to be the ecosystem that supports Christian startups to build innovative ministries.
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