Delegates for District NMI Convention
Assembly Year - 2020

Complete form on line and submit or print and email to Georgia District NMI Secretary Barbara Stephenson 14 Caspian Ct., Whitesburg, GA 30185

Membership of the district NMI convention: (see NMI Constitution, article VI, section 3.A.3.) (page 14)
1. Ex officio members of the convention shall be the district NMI council, district superintendent, all assigned ministers and full-time salaried associate ministers of local churches; lay members of the district advisory board; the local NMI president of the assembly year just ending and newly elected NMI presidents or new elected vice president if the new president cannot attend; global NMI council member; retired missionaries; missionaries on home assignment; and missionary appointees; and any other former district presidents who retain their membership on the district.
2. Elected delegates from each local church or church-type missions shall be NMI members (15 years of age or older). The number of maximum elected delegates shall be based on the following formula: two delegates from each local NMI of 25 members or fewer, and one additional delegate for each additional 25 members or major portion thereof. Membership shall be based on the NMI membership reported on your NMI Presidents report taken from the pastors report.
Church *
NMI Members (excluding associates) * This figure should be the same as 1 on the local NMI President's Report form (taken from the pastors report). *
President for new year (vice-president may serve if the president cannot attend).
President for new year (if a change)
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