20201209 Citizen Corps Orientation & Handbook Training
New volunteer recruits must attend this orientation and Handbook training session. Information about our program and volunteer handbook ill be discussed. All volunteers are encouraged to ask a relative, friend, coworker or neighbor to attend. Orientation/handbook sessions will be conducted on the odd months throughout the year.

The County of Delaware is recruiting residents to join an exciting national initiative geared toward encouraging individuals to volunteer to assist during disasters, mass care, and public health events. The Citizen Corps is a branch of Freedom Corps and offers both medical professionals and non-medically qualified volunteers the opportunity to receive FREE training and to be part of a team to support a broad range of emergency/disaster responses to help our fellow citizens in the county.

Volunteers possess a diverse range of skills, but the willingness to volunteer is what really counts! Please join us to learn more about the the Citizen Corps of Delaware County!

Citizen Corps volunteers are part of a larger system of preparedness and response. Volunteers attend important trainings on disaster mental health, emergency and disaster response, public health preparedness, and more. Delco volunteers are part of the county emergency operation plan (EOP) and participate in important exercises that test our county and regional emergency response.

This 2.5 hour training will cover:

Citizen Corps background, mission, goals, Service Principles, Management Principles, Eligibility and Enrollment, Credentialing and placement, Tiered volunteering, Readiness and training, Ways to volunteer, Volunteer Development,
Critical Missions - Public Health & Mass Care, Emergency activation, Command & accountability, Communications,
Liability, Policies, Code of conduct, Emergency Services Operations, Volunteer Benefits & Expectations, Volunteer rights and responsibilities, Confidentiality, and Photo consent

When: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Where: Microsoft TEAMS: You will receive an invitation to join this Microsoft TEAMS video conference after you register. NOTE: To receive credit for this training, log into TEAMS with your full name (as registered on SERVPA).
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