New Amtgard Chapter Application
Requirement: To register as a new Amtgard chapter and host Amtgard activities, the applicant chapter must complete this application.  Afterward all information is reviewed and if the application is deemed positive for both parties, a Chapter Agreement/Contract with Amtgard International Inc will sent to the applicant to then be completed.

Application: This application collects information necessary for processing and consideration by Amtgard International Inc. Failure to complete the application will result in unnecessary delays to the licensing consideration process.

Contract: The Chapter Agreement/Contract identifies key responsibilities of both Amtgard and the new chapter, as well as an overview of Amtgard properties and trademark.

Resources: Once approved by Amtgard International Inc, Freehold Chapters will receive access to the Amtgard Online Record Keeper (ORK) and the Amtgard Wiki. These resources are maintained to assist chapters in retaining chapter and player records such as awards and credits.

Completing the application: Completing a contract application only requires one person. As the chapter’s representative, the applicant must also submit a piece of government-issued ID matching the name on the application.

For clarity of record-keeping, we only accept PDFs or scans for completed contracts. Government-issued ID Images may be sent in any file type, provided that the photograph and name are able to be read easily.
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Submitting the application
Prior to submitting please ensure the following;

1)  Have you verified the desired name for the new chapter is not already in use by another chapter on the Amtgard Online Record Keeper? (
2)  Is the chapter representative's name listed here the same as what will be on their government issued ID?
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