Community Compost Program Application
Please sign up here to receive a free backyard wire composter or "neighbor buckets". By participating in this program, you agree to keep track of approximate quantities of food waste diverted from your trash and to fill out a short follow up survey six months after setting up your compost to help us evaluate the effectiveness of this program in reducing landfill bound waste in Teton County. (Must live in Teton County, Idaho or Alta, WY to be eligible.)
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I agree to collect data on food waste diverted into my compost and complete a short survey sent to me 6 months after I begin composting.
I would like a free lightweight backyard composter. (select size)
I would like some "neighborhood buckets" to collect food waste from my non-composting neighbors. (please specify number needed in "other")
I can't compost but would love a bucket to share my food waste in somebody's backyard compost in:
We will be contacting you after about a month to follow up and see if you have any issues or questions. What is the best way to reach you?
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