Sejong: Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in the Sejong Camp Program!

The application for the August 2020 Sejong Camp Program is currently open.

To be considered for a scholarship in our program, you must submit an online application. Applying online is free of charge and provides information about how to submit all supporting documents through the application below.


Please acknowledge that as camp expenses vary from year to year, our ability to award scholarship directly corresponds to that variation. Note, that we can only provide partial scholarships up to a certain amount based on need and the application.

Carefully read through the application, questions, and information.

If you have any additional questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to reach out to Benjamin Oser, Director of Camp, at Thank you and we look forward to reading your application!
Applicant Information
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Parent and/or Guardian Information
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Application Questions
Please provide as much details as possible, so our committee has the most appropriate scope of the family and camper.
Please elaborate about your and/or your camper's desire to apply for the scholarship. *
How do you think participation in this program will benefit the growth of the camper? *
What, if any, other types of Korean culture and/or identity programs is the camper associated with? *
(Holt Camp, Motherland Tour, Korean Language School, etc.)
What involvement have you and/or the camper had with Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. prior to camp? *
If you selected "First time" above, please provide, if any, thoughts about how possible future involvement.
How has participation in camp helped support you and/or your camper's identity development and cultural understanding? *
**For returning campers only.** Please write "N/A" if you are a first time camper.
Post-Camp Reflection
Every camper who is awarded a scholarship will be asked to provide a reflection component about their experience and how their participation has benefited their personal growth.

This post-camp reflection can be in any format that the camper chooses, including but not limited to:
- Self-reflection essay (minimum 500 words)
- A form of artwork or art-piece about their camp experience
- Photo album and small passages about each picture

Please have your camper think creatively about this project, it has a lot of great potential for program development. In addition, we do hold the right to publish some and/or all of the material to our public site, marketing materials, and brochures. This is in an effort to promote the growth and development of the individual through camp activities and mentorship.

Any questions related to this reflection, please direct them to Benjamin Oser at

If this is not completed, the camper's ability to apply for future scholarship funds will be strongly considered.
Scholarship Funds Request
Note, we only provide partial scholarships up to a certain amount at this time, based on need and the application. When entering a requested amount, please provide a specific amount that will ameliorate your expense.
Have you applied and recieved scholarship funds in the past? *
Please indicate "yes" or "no" and include which years you recieved funding.
Requested Amount in Partial Scholarship Funds *
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Additional Materials
If you and/or the camper have any additional materials they would like to share, please send them to
Confirmation of Submission
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