Scholarship Application 2024
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nodaway County believes every child has potential. Continued education beyond high school is important whether that is attending a community college, a 4-year university or a trade school. In an effort to encourage and support our Littles to further their education, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nodaway County is offering scholarships to current or previous Littles in the program whom are graduating this academic year. Preference will be given to Littles that are currently matched. The number of scholarships and amount thereof will be determined by the selection committee with a minimum award amount of $300 and a maximum award amount of $1000 per student. Award amounts may vary annually depending on funding availability. Please complete the following application by April 1st, 2024.
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What is the name of your current or previous Big Brother/Big Sister? If you were matched more than once, please list the name of each Big Brother/Big Sister/Big Couple.

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