Great Lakes Conservation Corps: Crew Member Application
GLCC Crew Members, aged 18-25 years old, work within a small team to complete UP wide projects. Learn to camp, cook, live and work in a community setting. Become an environmental steward as you gain the knowledge of various conservation techniques and skills to leave a lasting impact for generations to enjoy.

GLCC season is typically 12 weeks long, with potential for fall work.

GLCC frequently camps at or near project locations across the UP; Monday-Friday, returning to Marquette for weekends. Tents and cook gear are provided. Meal stipend and campsites are paid for during required camping.

GLCC Crew Members are seasonal employees. They are paid an hourly rate, typically working 40 hours a week (Monday-Friday). Work vehicles and tools are provided by the SWP.

Please read the job description located at the following link prior to applying:
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12. The crew experience relies on small groups to complete conservation projects. What experiences have you had working on a team? What did you contribute to the team? *
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16. Many of our positions are physically demanding and require heavy lifting, repetitive motion, hiking and working in outdoor conditions. Are you able to meet these physical demands with or without reasonable accommodations? *
17. Are you comfortable frequently tent camping Monday-Friday throughout the UP during the GLCC season? *
18. Do you have experience in any of the following (check all that apply): *
19. How comfortable would you feel leading volunteers and your fellow Crew Members in the absence of a Crew Leader? *
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