Futurist in Residence Meetings Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in using Rebecca Ryan while she serves as the Asheville Area Chamber's "Futurist in Residence." Please complete this short survey so that we can accommodate your request in a way that's most useful for you while maintaining a sustainable schedule for Rebecca.
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Are there any materials you’d like Rebecca to review prior to the meeting? Rebecca will sign nondisclosure agreements as required. *
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Provide as much detail as possible. As an example, some people want Rebecca to prepare some thoughts on the future of their organization/industry and prepare it to their leadership team. Others want Rebecca to review their strategic plan and “punch holes in it” from a futurist’s perspective. Still others want her to train their organization to use foresight, as a lead up to their next strategic plan.
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Are you willing to come to the Chamber office for this meeting? *
This puts less wear and tear on Rebecca, who’ll have a dedicated meeting room at the Chamber’s office when she’s on-site in Asheville.
Is there anything else we should know, to make this meeting useful for you or your group?
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