Conflict Dispute Resolution Center 2021 Strategic Planning - Feedback Request
The CDRC board seeks feedback on the state of the organization in support of strategic planning and a future executive search. Your honest feedback is appreciated and will be kept confidential to the board members.

We envision a future in which CDRC is the lead resource for nurturing constructive responses to the conflicts that inevitably occur in our communities. CDRC accomplishes its mission by:
-- educating people about conflict
-- teaching people to respond constructively to their own conflicts
-- training people to help others who are involved in conflict
-- facilitating processes that enable each person to make the best choices he or she is capable of making
-- facilitating processes that enable each person to understand another's perspective and respect that person's choices
-- using the mediation process and mediation skills to facilitate communication between individuals and groups
-- partnering with organizations in the community to develop policies and programs that foster constructive responses to conflict
-- modeling an organization that welcomes differences, cares for the people who work with it, and deals with its own conflicts in constructive ways.
What is your primary affiliation to CDRC?
How long have you been affiliated to CDRC in this way?
How is CDRC doing?
1- Needs Improvement
3- Neutral
5- Excellent
Being recognized as a resource in the communities CDRC serves (Tompkins, Chemung, Schuyler Co.)
Serving clients in a culturally competent manner
Being able to supply alternate referrals when CDRC cannot directly assist
Timeliness in responding to referrals
Clear selection
What should CDRC CONTINUE doing that meets the mission of the organization?
What should CDRC START doing that will promote the mission of the organization?
What should CDRC STOP doing?
What are your hopes for the future of CDRC?
What are your concerns for the future of CDRC?
Please rate how effectively CDRC is achieving its mission overall?
Not effective
Very effective in achieving its mission
Clear selection
What else should we know?
Thank you so much for sharing your feedback.
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