Zouk Atoms Week Level 2 - Position F
2nd to 7th of December
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Lovely people,
If you are reading these lines it’s because you’ve already visited the LEVEL 1 of the ZOUK ATOMS or you are thinking about doing it. In this Module of the Level 2 we will focus on the Position F and it’s possibilities. Let’s go!

### VENUE ###
Isla Zouk, Komturstr. 4

### SCHEDULE ###

Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th:
- Classes from 13:00 to 18:00 / Social from 20:30

Prepare yourself for 30 hours of intensive zouk training! In the evening we will continue practising with socials and enjoying the zouk life in Bremen.

### CONTENT ###

Depending on the group we will spend the first and maybe the second day refreshing the atoms of the level 1 with new exciting possibilities.

Now let’s talk nerdy about the new content!

FOOTWORK: In the second level we will expand the knowledge of the positions F, we will show the theory of the squares and we will train together the loops to make the learning process much easier.

HEADWORK: If in level 1 we introduce to you the ideas of parallel and crossed system, this time we will focus on the transitions. The concept of elasticity will be important too.

LEADING: We will continue working on the idea „leading the hips“ and will start to play with different qualitities on the contact. We want to have more control about our stepping as leaders.

FOLLOWING: The focus of the course continue on the body position and structure. For the contact we will work on delay and elasticity.


The week (classes & socials) costs 240€

The access is only possible after visiting the level 1 of the system.

We would love to see you in Bremen again!

Big hug from Bremen,

Olga & Fernando
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