Castle, Home and Garden Contest- Merchant Sign Up
The Fourth Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest is proud to support the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life of Second Life annual event. We have raised over $L4,500,000 during the first three years of the event and aim to raise even more this year!

The event will take place June 3rd to June 24th, 2017. The event will take place on 15 sims, which will follow a unified theme of fantasy with an additional focus on "Passport to Hope", which is the theme for Relay for Life 2017. The themes currently available are:

Gold: Winterfell, Small World (main Sim), Rivendell
(two of these three are available)

Silver L$30,000: Atlantis, Bikini Bottom, Rivendell, Hogsmeade, Camelot

Bronze L$20,000: Atlantis, ChristmasTown, Bikini Bottom, Hogsmeade, Small World, Beauty and the Beast, Camelot, Labyrinth

Emerald L$10,000: Atlantis, ChristmasTown, Winterfell, Bikini Bottom, Hogsmeade, Small World, Beauty and the Beast, Camelot, Labyrinth

Purple L$5,000: Atlantis, ChristmasTown, Bikini Bottom, Hogsmeade, Camelot, Labyrinth

(see also

There will be merchant shops on all sims, surrounded by the 29 castles, homes and gardens in the competition. The merchant registration varies this year. We are offering sponsorship packages that offer you a range of shop sizes and prims. We are encouraging all sorts of types of shops! Fantasy, science fiction, medieval, victorian, holiday themed, breedables, and more!


You will gain a lot from being a part of this annual contest! People will see your business, you will get the opportunity to advertise!

The only requirement to participate, other than your package fee, is you must donate at least one item to our Raffle, Auction, Hunt, Prize Package or Building Contest. You can donate more than one item if you would like! The item can be a gift card, but the gift card needs to be at least 500 linden. You must have three vendors using an RFL vendor, and the other vendors can be for your business. You have the option of doing an Exclusive- if you do so, you will get more advertising. This is explained in the Sponsorship Packages.

NOTE: Relay For Life of Second Life requires that all content at any event must be G or PG Rated, so your store at the CHG must not include Adult items or images.

Please use the form below to sign up to be a merchant at the Fourth Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest this year!

Once you have signed up, we need a couple things from you, if you are new to the CHG. We need a copy of your logo image approximately 512 wide (Square logos work best, but if yours isn't square send what you have), and we need the slurl or landmark for your main inworld store and/or the url to your SL Marketplace store. Please put these in a notecard and give to Henrietta Demina In World (be sure to send a notecard as IMs may be missed). Please put your store name and "CHG"at the beginning of the name of your NoteCard

If you were a Merchant or Sponsor in the 2016 CHG, you do not need to send this unless your Logo or location has changed.

Payment is due upon confirmation of your Package and Spot. Please pay CastleContestAmericanCancer Resident In-world.

Thank you!

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What type of product do you/will you sell (Adult or x-rated items are not allowed)?
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What are your top THREE sim preferences as far as which sim your store goes on? Find the choices above. *This is Important!* Some packages may not still be available on all Sims.
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Which Merchant Package do you want to go for?
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If you learned of the Contest from an Ad Board Inworld, please let us know the location!
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