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Hi all,

Thank you for joining Advocates for Refugees - Singapore (AFR-SG). We are a volunteer-led group that aims to create constructive platforms for community dialogue on regional and global refugee and forced migration issues. We want to raise awareness, address misconceptions, and garner support for the refugee cause through constant engagement with the public. Our future initiatives include public education / outreach, fundraising for partner organisations, and specific volunteer programs with partner organisations in the region.

Please complete the form below, for us to learn more about you and your:

1) skills and expertise &
2) area of interests

so as to facilitate the planning of future events.

Please note that your personal information will be held with strict confidentiality, and will only be used for the purposes of building a database for ease of communication and mobilisation of volunteers should the opportunity arises.

Thank you very much!

Advocates for Refugees - Singapore
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