/mlp/ con online 2021 - Vendor Application
All vendors of all items and services are welcome (they should be legal in the majority of the US). Please try to have the stuff you sell be /mlp/-related in some way (about the show, the board, the fandom, horses, Filly Funtasia, whatever).

We ask that you not shill (at least too hard) in the threads (unless it's an event thread you're running).

Web site: https://mlpcon.online/
Event dates: June 11-13, 2021

Please check our thread on /mlp/ (search for /mlp/ con online) for more information.

If you want to do drawing/sketch/whatever streams, please also fill out an event form here: https://forms.gle/e2DyrBkGEBRNnsjC6
What vendor name do you want to use? *
You can use any name you'd like, whether it be a name you're known by in the fandom or an anonymous name (something like PonyPatchAnon idfk). Or I guess you could always dox yourself and use your IRL name.
Please write a description of what types of products or services you'll be offering *
Please include links to images showing off your goods (if you need to, upload to an image sharing site like https://smutty.horse/)
Where can people buy your stuff? *
If you have an online store (Etsy or RedBubble or whatever), just put a link here. If you need help, a simple way you can sell stuff is to set up a Google form, collect e-mails, and send customers PayPal invoices. This isn't particularly user-friendly though, so try to make things as easy as you can for your potential customers.
How can we contact you? *
Please provide a way of contacting you. We prefer an e-mail address or a username on any of the following chat platforms: Matrix, Discord, Telegram. We may not be able to reach you on any platform, but for sure we can do e-mail and those platforms.
Anything else you want to share?
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